My three favorite websites that are useful for my job

A few weeks ago I posted about books the school library editors are reading. Today I’d like to share my three favorite online information sources related to my job. In addition to these, of course, I spend a lot of time with School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, but these are the less obvious sources I find most useful.

Melville House
In addition to publishing some of the most unique and fascinating books in the industry, this independent publisher also keeps up a fantastic blog about books and publishing generally. Some of the best insights on the industry are right there on that site.

Rejected Princesses
This writer/artist is working on a book about so-called rejected princesses…or women so wild or so smart or so tough that no one would ever make a princess movie about them. He regularly posts about new inspiring women, both modern and historical.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
These journalists take a deeper dive into the news, sifting through and analyzing bias and censorship. FAIR is great at looking beyond what’s in a headline or a media quote and finding out the context or back story.

What are your favorite websites?