Children’s Institute and the Wonderful Independent Booksellers

Editor Alix Reid on attending ABA Children’s Institute:

I attended the Children’s Institute conference last week in steamy Orlando and attended lots of fascinating panels about graphic novels, leveled reading, the importance of stories, and the state of children’s books (we’re doing well! Especially compared to adult books! Growth in all areas! Graphic novels are booming!).

But the best part of the conference for me was the “speed dating” I got to do with my trade marketing manager. This so-called “speed dating” is where we pitched our Fall 16 books to six different tables of independent booksellers from across the country. 
We had fifteen minutes at each table to do this, and the booksellers had fifteen minutes to absorb all the wonderful information we had to say about our books, to see if they wanted to buy them for their stores (which I’m sure they do now!).

While this was obviously a high-pressure situation for us—fifteen minutes to present our Fall 16 list!—but it was also incredibly gratifying to have the chance to introduce our wonderful books to these excited and dedicated booksellers. 
So a shout out to the authors I’ve worked with for the last year and two for putting together amazing books that will find their way into the hands of children, and a BIG shout out to the many wonderful independent booksellers dedicated to serving the child.
Here’s a sneak peek of the books we pitched. Click below for more information.  

Monkey with a Tool Belt
The Secret of Goldenrod
The Giant
Top Prospect
Naked ’76

The Thief’s Apprentice
The Stand-In