The Merry Month of May

Ah, May… it starts with beautiful May flowers (well, for those of you who don’t live in the Arctic tundra like I do, anyway) and it ends with a special weekend set aside for honoring departed military heroes and loved ones and welcoming sweet, sweet summer.

But! Did you guys know there are lots of weeks of celebration in between May’s beginning and end? That’s right. And Lerner has a book for them all. Here’s what’s on the docket*:

The first week of the month—this week!—is Nurse’s Week. Thank a nurse for all he or she does.


The second week of the month is Wildflower Week. Take an outdoor walk with a loved one (maybe your mom—Mother’s Day is on May 8) and savor the beauty nature has to offer.


The third week brings us National Police Week. Teach kids all about who police officers are and what they do.


Week four is Emergency Medical Services Week. The heroes who provide these services deserve a giant round of applause and more!


Happy May, everybody! Here’s hoping it’s a wonderful month for one and all.

*Disclaimer: Different websites give slightly different dates for each of these weeks. The weeks listed here are loose estimates only—but each of them does indeed happen in May!