Growing Green

This Saturday, there will be an international demonstration asking for GMO labeling, among other things related to large-scale agriculture. People will gather around the world to show their support of finding out more information about GMOs and asking that any genetically modified foods they buy are labeled. GMOs are pretty controversial, and people on both sides of the debate have very strong opinions.

But why do they care? What does GMO even mean? And what about some of those other confusing agriculture and foodie terms? I’m talking about terms such as organic and free-range. Well, Lerner has just published some beautiful new middle grade books that address all of these questions.

Growing Green is a fantastic new series that covers the recent trends in sustainable agriculture, including at-home gardening, local foods at restaurants and farmers’ markets, organics, and free-range treatment of farm animals. Students who are concerned with animal welfare and where their food comes from will love this series.

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