A Confluence of Seasons, in Pictures: Life in Publishing

It’s been one of those weeks in the design department at Lerner, and it’s only half done. We’re at the end rush of getting our last Fall 16 books to the printer in the fastest way possible, right in the middle rush of getting the Spring 17 books designed, and right at the beginning rush of receiving final art for our Spring 17 picture books. Everything seems to be happening at once. Here are just some of the goings-ons thus far this week, in pictures:

Printer proofs (our final proofs the printer uses to match color when the book goes on press) being reviewed for our Carolrhoda F16 book Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor’s Story. This is an important book—we’re really excited for this to be out in the world! The book files were uploaded to our printer at the end of the day, finished bound books will be done in 4-6 weeks.
I’ve mentioned before that pictures of people designing aren’t all that interesting, yes? This is why toys were added. Here our School/Library Art Director Laura Rinne is working on a cover design for a S17 Kar-Ben picture book while cat and suit person keep me from interrupting her.

Right after the printer proofs of Sachiko were approved and packed up to send to print, much anticipated final art for one of our S17 Millbrook picture books arrived from the amazing Charlotte Riley-Webb. Can you guess the book topic?

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  1. Kizzi Roberts

    Great post, very insightful. Hadn't thought about all the overlapping deadlines associated with each season. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look!

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