Happy 400th Deathday, Shakespeare!

Special thanks to Kris Vetter for the following post!
April 23 was Shakespeare’s 400th deathday! (Sorry for the Harry Potter reference, everyone.) And a lot can happen in 400 years. The English language has evolved, America was founded and is celebrating its 240thbirthday, and almost every high school student is required to read one of Shakespeare’s plays. To commemorate the Bard’s memory, we’ve published a 4-book young adult series written by Patrick Jones that reimagines Shakespeare’s most famous plays in modern-day America.

Tension between African Americans and Somalis at Rodney’s high school erupts into a riot. In the midst of it, Rodney helps a Somali classmate to safety. Soon they fall for each other. But can they keep their relationship safe?
This modern twist on Romeo and Juliet explores the themes of love vs. loyalty and societal clashes.


When Hinton Helsinger leaves the Youth Correctional Center, he’s set on reforming his impulsive ways. But things at home have changed, and he’s torn between the impulse to avenge his dad’s death and the desire to find a way out.
This modern twist on Hamlet explores the themes of reform, revenge, and self-destruction.

Ian’s band was finally taking off, until his best friend and the band’s front man, Orlando, gets arrested. When Orlando chooses the bassist to take over, Ian plots revenge. Slowly he turns his bandmates against one another, with tragic results.
This modern twist on Othello takes a gritty look at betrayal, revenge, and obsession.

Alejandro has served six months after a brutal encounter with police. Chrissie suffered a similar police assault. They just want to move forward—together. Are they willing to hatch a plan that puts them back in harm’s way?
This modern twist on Antony and Cleopatra explores questions of retreating, fighting back, and defending what you love.

All four books are available in print and digital from Lerner Publishing and major retailers.