Friendship 101

Study after study shows that one of the top predictors of happiness in life is whether a person has strong ties to friends and is committed to nurturing interpersonal relationships. Social ties can lessen the impact of stress, bolster our immunity to disease, and even help extend our lives!

9781467713610fc_MediumGiven these things, I can think of few better books to give kids than Am I a Good Friend? (cover pictured). After all, kids who practice “friend hygiene” early on are likely to carry their good habits with them into adulthood.

Am I a Good Friend?
is chock-full of the kinds of juicy, real-world questions about friendship that kids encounter every day:

Maddie and I had a sleepover last weekend. She left her pink shirt at my house. It’s a really cute shirt. I don’t think she will miss it. Is it okay if I keep my friend’s shirt?

I asked Ben to play baseball after school, and he said he can’t. He said he got in trouble at home for lying to his mom. He asked me not to tell anyone. But our friends want to know why Ben can’t come. Should I tell my friend’s secret?

It features chatty, helpful answers that help kids hone their social skills and teach the importance of honesty, compassion, and sticking to your word.

Of all the lessons kids learn growing up, social skills may very well be the most important. For that reason, it’s a special privilege to have had a hand in bringing Am I a Good Friend? into the world.