Election-Year Media: Making Sense of the Hype

9781467779098fc_MediumThis year’s race to the White House is certainly getting interesting. If you’re like me and you find yourself eating up the televised debates, social media discussions, newspaper editorials, and all the other media frenzy surrounding the upcoming election, then you’ll love our book Media: From News Coverage to Political Advertising (cover pictured). It’s just one great entry from our Inside Elections series—which, as a group, is an excellent resource for helping middle-school readers engage in the 2016 presidential race.

Booklist thinks the Media title is pretty great too! Their review calls the text “sprightly and interesting, with sidebars and boxes going into such topics such as analysis (say, an expert interview) versus commentary (say, The Daily Show).” As Booklist notes, “In a society where one flubbed line can become a meme overnight, critical thinking is key, and [Media author Sandy] Donovan excels at supplying the tools.” I couldn’t agree more—and I urge you and your students to give this book a read!