eBooks Basics: A Quiz!

Special thanks to Digital Production and Trafficking Manager Sarah Olmanson for challenging us this week!
Ready to test your eBook knowledge? Have a go and check your answers tomorrow! (Hint: Most questions have more than one correct answer.)
1.      How many eBook formats are there?
a.       Too many to count
b.      20 to 30
c.       2
d.      1
2.      What is an ePub? (select all that apply)
a.       An eBook; all eBooks are ePubs
b.      An eBook: all ePubs are eBooks
c.       The eBook format I read on my device
d.      An international standard for an eBook format that works on many types of devices, but not all devices
3.      What electronic devices can you read an eBook on? (select all that apply)
a.       Smartphones
b.      Any eBook can be read on any device
c.       Kindles, iPads, and Nooks
d.      Desktop computers
4.      What is DRM?
a.       An eBook format
b.      Digital Reading Medium
c.       Dry Run Mediator
d.      Digital Rights Management
5.      What is an enhanced eBook?
a.       A book in a digital format with added features that wouldn’t be possible in a print book, such as embedded audio or video
b.      An app on my phone
c.       A book in a digital format for which the author has added more to the story such as new chapters or alternative endings
d.      A book in a digital format that has a bigger font size
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