About That Door…

A few weeks ago, Alicia Bos, a teacher from Michigan, shared pictures of her classroom door decorated as the cover of Robin Yardi’s The Midnight War of Mateo Martinez, so we asked her what inspired her to make the door! Here’s what she had to say: 

Our school was challenged to a make our classroom doors into book covers, as one of the weeks during March is Reading Month [at Hudsonville Christian School]. My students unanimously chose The Midnight War of Mateo Martinez by Robin Yardi.

A few weeks earlier I had spent hours looking into authors who Skype and what books they had available. I ran into Robin’s book and inquired about it. Our librarian happened to have a copy of the ARC from ALA. It was not even out yet, which is an easy way to get students excited about something. They feel so special to think they are some of the only kids that get to read it.

For World Read Aloud Day on February 24th, Robin Yardi Skyped my class. She was a hit with the kids. They especially enjoyed meeting her pet tortoise, Marigold! We proceeded to read the book as our Read Aloud. We sang happy birthday to the book when it was available to the public and Robin sent us a top secret package with bookmarks.

Our door took about a week to complete. Students split up into who was making what and most of it is made out of paper, except for some real trash for the trash can. To make the different shapes. I placed the book under the document camera and projected it on the board. Students would zoom in or trace what they did not think they could free-hand. When we won the 4th grade competition, my students were ecstatic. Robin Yardi even sent us a signed flower to put on the door.

Real trash!
Robin’s signed flower

Authors connecting with students is powerful. My students will remember this for many years to come. Thank you, Robin Yardi and Lerner Books, for helping me instill the love of reading in my 4th graders.

Did a skunk from Mateo Martinez just walk by? 

Thanks for sharing, Alicia!