Free Book Friday: Scar Girl

Happy Friday! Congratulations to Kirsten Larson, who’s won Presidential Powerhouses. Kirsten, send your address to and we’ll get your books in the mail.

This week, enter for a chance to win Scar Girl, the sequel to Len Vlahos’ Morris Award-nominated YA novel, The Scar Boys.

When The Scar Boys ended, the band has fallen apart. Harry and Johnny are barely speaking, and Cheyenne is feeling desperate about Johnny, who has retreated into silence. It’s only through their music that the group is able to rebuild their relationships, and they slowly begin to reach musical success and fame. In Scar Girl, Cheyenne, Harry, and Richie tell their own stories as they discover the ups and downs of being rock musicians—including meltdowns on stage, too much drinking, keeping secrets that should be shared, and having fights that test the limits of their friendship. The band’s reputation grows and grows, but will the kids themselves survive?
Len Vlahos delivers a powerful sequel to his bestselling YA sensation, The Scar Boys, with a story of love, music, and heartbreak. 
Buzz for Scar Girl:
★ “Vlahos, a finalist for the Morris Award with The Scar Boys, has succeeded in creating a sequel every bit as compelling and emotionally charged as its predecessor. . . . Like its predecessor, this novel will leave readers aching for an encore.” —starred, Kirkus
“Vlahos’ voice is honest and true—this hit me straight in the heart. Anyone who is or has ever been a teenager will relate to the longing, the triumphs and the miseries. And no matter what, the characters in Scar Girl, like the rest of us, get up the next day and love again.” —Beth Albrecht, The Magic Tree Bookstore
“[This] story will offer satisfying closure to the first book’s many fans who want to know what happened next.” —Booklist​
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