eBooks for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Special thanks to intern Isabel Taylor for the following post!

Monday the 18th marks this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. day, a day on which we commemorate one of the greatest activists of our nation. A lot has been published on Dr. King, and Lerner is no exception. Here are just a few of the many titles available as Lerner Digital eBooks about Dr. King. Ideal both for those wanting to know more about this amazing man and for young readers learning about him for the first time, these three titles illuminate Dr. King’s life and accomplishments and why we celebrate him each year on the third Monday in January.

Let’s Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is written by Barbara deRubertis and illustrated by Gershom Griffith.

The ongoing Holidays and Heroes series brings to life the people behind the holidays we celebrate throughout the year. Each book combines engaging text, colorful artwork, photographs, and historical images. In Let’s Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the story of this American hero is told for children. From Dr. King’s birth to the end of his short life, the values that he so powerfully stood for and the changes that he helped to bring about are presented here in terms that children can understand and personally relate to.

Critics have taken note of this great resource. According to Booklist, “This reader-friendly nonfiction may inspire further inquiry into the life of an important figure in American history and may encourage kids to be mindful of King’s ideals of fairness and equality, not only on the third Monday of each January but all year round.”

A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr., is written by David A. Adler, illustrated by Robert Casilla, and narrated by Charles Turner.   
As an eReadalong from Live Oak Media, this informative picture book is sure to interest multiple audiences, conveying Dr. King’s life with pictures and written as well as spoken words. Says School Library Journal, “. . .school and public librarians will want to include this in their collections. The audio version. . .will be in great demand.” As an eReadalong, this title is a great resource for those who are learning to read, as the format allows new readers to hear the words on the page in a pace that is comfortable for them.

Coretta Scott King is by Laura Hamilton Waxman.

Many people know about Martin Luther King, Jr., but what about his wife? After her husband’s death, Coretta Scott King continued his fight for equality and justice. This title exploring her life and accomplishments before and after Dr. King’s death is a great nod to an amazing woman in history.

These dynamic nonfiction titles will inform and inspire readers of all ages, and make for a thoughtful rumination on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life!