What to do this winter break? DIY fashion and Style Secrets!

We’re easing into winter here in the great white north. Snow is starting to fall, and more snow and ice are certainly on their way. Many people across the country continue to play outside in the winter (sledding/skiing/broomball/hockey if you’re in the North! And swimming/running/hiking if you’re in the South!). But there are certainly days when we want to stay inside and read. Or stay inside and make things. 

Those upcoming winter school breaks will be a perfect time for readers to try out the DIY activities in our new Style Secrets series from Lerner Publications. These books include fun, safe ideas and step-by-step instructions for how to do things like make your own jewelry, add temporary color to your hair, and give yourself a basic manicure or facial scrub.

9781467752213fc_Medium.jpg  9781467752183fc_Medium.jpg  9781467752190fc_Medium.jpg9781467752206fc_Medium.jpg

All the activities are appropriate for upper elementary school students, who will have a great time trying them out. The high-interest illustrations and artwork are set up like a glossy magazine to draw in readers. Please recommend these books to your students and report back! Or maybe you’ll just notice shinier, glossier kids after the break! Either way, we’d love to hear what you think.