Interactive Books: A New Winter Break Tradition

A special thank you to intern Isabel Taylor for writing on behalf of the digital team today!

Winter break is here! Amid the food preparation, relative wrangling, and exchanging of gifts, you might just find yourself with some free time to spend reading. Even better, you might have a new reader home from school eager to show off his or her skills.

Here are a few seasonal titles from our Interactive Books series. Lerner Interactive Books™ are engaging online books designed with rich multimedia and interactive tools that are designed to improve key literacy skills and reading confidence for struggling and emergent readers in grades K–6.

Make Interactive Books a family affair by passing the tablet around the room in a read-aloud session or by together doing some of the activities located in the “fun” tab of every Interactive Book. Every book has a quiz that you can take in a competitive gameshow fashion. Or, play a game of “I Spy” using the tools to highlight or circle words or images on each page.

Are You Ready for Winter? by Sheila Anderson

I’m a born-and-raised Minnesotan, but I still had a bit of a shock during last week’s cold streak! Whether the mild winter continues or if we get back to our regularly scheduled snow and cold, are you ready for winter? As a Lightning Bolt Book, this title (and the rest of the titles in the Our Four Seasons series) aims to teach children ages 58 about nonfiction topics on a level they can understand and even read independently.

It’s Snowy Today by Kristin Sterling

It’s not true right now in Minnesota, but it could be soon! This title is part of the Lightning Bolt Books™—What’s the Weather Like? series focused on different types of weather.  This series teaches basic weather concepts by asking young readers to observe the world around them. Snow swoops and swirls. It drifts from the sky and blankets the ground. People bundle up by roaring fires. Animals snuggle together to stay warm. What else happens when the weather is snowy? Read this book to find out!

Lightning Bolt Books ™ — What Traits Are in Your Genes? series

This might seem unrelated, but I know that a source of fascination for me growing up was comparing appearance traits among relatives. With everybody under one roof, this series can be a fun supplement to learning about the science behind why a child has grandma’s eyes and grandpa’s nose!

Titles in this series include:
Body Parts: Double-Jointedness, Hitchhiker’s Thumb, and More
Eye Color: Brown, Blue, Green, and Other Hues
Facial Features: Freckles, Earlobes, Noses, and More
Hair Traits: Color, Texture, and More
Unusual Traits: Tongue Rolling, Special Taste Sensors, and More
Vision: Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and More

We hope you make Interactive Books a new winter break tradition! You’ll keep young readers’ skills sharp while enjoying some reading fun together as a family.