From Pumpkin to Thanksgiving Table

9781467760188fc_MediumIt wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without ____ on the table. How would you fill in that blank? For me, the answer is “pumpkin pie.” And that, dear readers, is why I so love our book From Pumpkin to Pie (cover pictured).

The book starts in a garden, where pumpkin seeds are planted. A gardener waters the seeds until vines start to grow. Flowers bloom on the vines, and green pumpkins appear. The orbs gradually turn orange, and then the gardener picks them. And this is where the real fun begins (for those of us who are more bakers than gardeners, anyway)!

Bakers wash the pumpkin and scoop out the seeds. They bake the pumpkin until it’s soft and rich with flavor. They mix it up with all the good stuff—think nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. Then they pour the mix into a buttery crust, slide the sweet-smelling treat into the oven, and voilà! A pie results.

Our pumpkin’s journey to mouth-watering pie is documented with full-page photos and descriptive text. Emergent readers can read the first line of text on every page and get a complete story, while readers who want more challenge can read the paragraph below that for a bit more detail. I hope you love From Pumpkin to Pie—and I hope it brings to mind the delight of Thanksgiving and whatever your must-have food is on that special day!