Fall’s Here! Interactive Books Series

Intern Isabel Taylor delights us today with a fall romp through a seasonally appropriate Interactive Books series.

Sorry, snowmen—winter isn’t here quite yet! It’s still fall, and Cloverleaf Books™ has the perfect Interactive Books™ series to help readers grades K-2 learn about the season and what it has to offer.

Lerner Interactive Books are an innovative and engaging way to make reading and learning fun—not frustrating! Paired with text highlighting, three audio speeds model pronunciation and fluency while helping to build reading skills and confidence for beginning readers, ELL and struggling readers, and proficient readers.

The Fall’s Here! series, written by Martha E. H. Rustad and illustrated by Amanda Enright, covers everything from apples to pumpkins to changing fall weather. Each book includes colorful illustrations, an interactive glossary, a comprehension quiz, further reading, fun activities, teaching guides, and more. This series meets NCSS, NSES, and BSL standards, making it a perfect educational addition to the classroom, library, or home.

What happens in fall? The weather cools off, leaves change, and apples are ready to pick. Celebrate the season with these cheerful picture books, which deliver nonfiction content with a sense of fun and discovery!

Animals in Fall: Preparing for Winter
Honk! Geese are flying south. Grr! Black bears are looking for a den. Munch! Deer are eating extra food. Find out what other animals do to get ready for winter.

I think this one would have been a favorite of mine growing up. Animal antics hold endless appeal.

Fall Apples: Crisp and Juicy
Let’s go to the apple orchard! Find out how apples grow. See the many things we do with apples. Taste some cider and apple pie. Yum!

Fall Harvests: Bringing in Food
Fall is a time to celebrate food. Farmers and gardeners work hard to grow crops all spring and summer. In fall, we harvest pumpkins, pecans, corn, potatoes, and more. Mmm!

Anyone hungry? This book will teach kids about just where their Thanksgiving feast might come from!

Fall Leaves: Colorful and Crunchy
Look at all the brightly colored trees! Fall weather causes leaves to change colors. Follow a leaf as it grows, changes color, and falls to the ground. Let’s grab a rake!

Fall Pumpkins: Orange and Plump
It’s time for a trip to the pumpkin patch! Find out how pumpkins grow. See the many things we do with pumpkins. Let’s carve a jack-o’-lantern. Spooky!

Fall Weather: Cooler Temperatures
Brr! It’s starting to get chilly! Find out how weather changes during fall. See how people and animals get ready for cooler temperatures. Let’s grab our coats and mittens!

This last title is especially timely—sooner or later, most of us will wake up to snow on the ground!

Lerner Interactive Books continue to be an exciting and original way to foster literacy in young readers. Students are able to access these  Help make reading a fun fall activity this season with the help of these titles. Happy fall and happy reading!