Fantastic Fiction Accolades

9781467779081fc_Medium I believe the arts can change the world. I wouldn’t work in this field if I didn’t. So I was thrilled to see our new book about the art of fiction writing—Writing Fantastic Fiction (cover pictured)—get a starred review in the October 1 issue of Booklist! I’m passionate about this book and the approach it takes to the topic. In its pages, you’ll find writing activities, tips for getting “unstuck,” and advice from successful writers (and I do mean successful—think John Green). But, as LeVar Burton would say, you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s just a little of what Booklist had to say about Writing Fantastic Fiction:

“Beginning with the assumption that kids know some of fiction’s basic requirements—‘interesting characters, a vivid setting, and a gripping plot’—[author Jennifer Jolene] Anderson delves deeper into these topics and more.”

“Clearly presented and with a colorful design, this [book] will work very well for middle graders, but the advice is so good, older kids will find it extremely helpful as well.”

“An especially inviting way to step into writing.”