Fall 15 eSource Materials

Teachers, are you ready to engage your students this fall? Reading books with your class is a great way to spark discussion and critical thinking. With that in mind, Lerner provides materials to go along with our books to take engagement deeper. We have teaching guides available for our series nonfiction, discussion guides for the Carolrhoda Lab novels (YA), and activities for single title nonfiction.

The Lightning Bolt Books™–Our Digital World series is a great example. The teaching guide suggests questions to ask your students before you read together about text features, digital citizenship, computers, and other related topics.

What is digital citizenship?
What does a computer programmer do?
What makes a video game fun?

For post-reading, teaching guides offer ways to model application for your students then provide an activity for them to work on independently. For Our Digital World, it asks students to come up with a concept for a new video game.

What is the goal of the game?
Where does the game take place?
Is there a story? If so, what story?

You can find these resources on our website and download them as PDFs. They are also available on our Common Core Pinterest board (for series nonfiction) and our Discussion Guides Pinterest board (YA fiction).

Need the eSource materials from a previous season to go with older books in your Lerner collection? Check the Pinterest boards for materials from previous seasons!