Elections and American Politics

Let’s kick off the school year with some good old-fashioned election politics. It’s fall of 2015, which means that campaigns for the 2016 presidential elections are well under way. We have two excellent new nonfiction series to help you navigate politics and elections with students.

For a younger crowd, we have First Step Nonfiction: Exploring Government. The six titles in this long-standing brand explain the basics of the US democratic system to a first-grade audience. Readers will learn about rules and laws, a democracy, government’s leaders, citizenship, elections, and the three branches of government. This is a great way to introduce young students to how our government works.


At the other end of the age spectrum, we have the in-depth, critical-thinking-focused Inside Elections series, aimed at a middle school audience. The titles in this set explore some of the underlying factors that go into elections and American politics, to help readers navigate the complex, sometimes controversial, often conflicting stories about candidates and elections that they’ll encounter in the media over the next year. This bipartisan series emphasizes the fact that every debate has at least two sides. The books present opposing viewpoints on a variety of election-related topics, and readers are invited to decide for themselves what they think. Readers will learn the not-so-secret role of money in  American politics, as well as who has the strongest voices in our political system.