TFCB Top Fall 2015 Picks

Junior Library Guild has selected three of TFCB’s Fall 2015 titles. Take a look at all three for your YA nonfiction selection. They’re amazing books! Great for displays and reports, browsable, high interest, and more. In alphabetical order, by book title, the three books are these:

Bioluminescence: Nature and Science at Work, by world-renowned green fluorescent protein expert Marc Zimmer. This gorgeous browsable book provides in-depth science about how and why animals bioluminesce. Learn about fireflies and other glowing animals as well as about the amazing medical and research applications of fluorescent proteins.

 Information Insecurity: Privacy under Siege by Brendan January. Learn about privacy issues as they intersect with our daily online lives. Nothing is completely protected or safe from cyberspace snoops, and the book offers readers a sobering lesson in how to practice cyber security to protect personal privacy. In its July 1, 2015, issue, School Library Journal called this book “an essential purchase” that provides “a wealth of information for students looking to learn more about this complex and ongoing debate.”

 Smart and Spineless: Exploring Invertebrate Intelligence by Ann Downer. In its star review of this book about the amazing powers of invertebrate brains, Booklist (September 1, 2015) says, “Lucid and well organized, the writing grips readers with a combination of facts and related narrative accounts of scientists at work.” My favorite is from Kirkus Reviews (June 15, 2015), which says, “Science facts more surprising than science fiction for teen readers.” And indeed they are surprising. Octopuses that express intelligence through their love of play, bees that communicate through dance, earthworm feats of trial and error, you’ll come to rethink the definition of intelligence altogether!