Simple Machines Sneak Peek!

Is it weird that it is August 10th and I am already excited about fall? Don’t get me wrong. I savor every one of these summer days with their blue skies, warm temps, and decidedly laid-back vibe. But fall! You guys, fall is my favorite. And this fall is especially exciting, because we have so many wonderful books coming out that I just can’t wait to tell you about.

9781467780247fc_Medium One series that has me particularly excited is Simple Machines to the Rescue (cover pictured). This series follows different kids as they try to solve problems using simple machines. The problems are kid-friendly things that young readers might encounter. For example, one little girl needs a way to haul a bag of toys up to her backyard fort.

The fun stories show each kid trying to use two different machines to solve their problem. The kids learn which machine is best for the job while also learning what parts each machine has and how it worksstaples of any science lesson on simple machines.

Simple Machines to the Rescue is one of those rare series where relatable stories about real kids intersect with science. It shows how science is applicable to everyday life. If your teaching plans this year include a study of simple machines, might I suggest you check it out?