What Do Shailene Woodley and Platypuses Have in Common?

In the spirit of our Comparing Animal Traits series, I’m kicking off the Fourth of July weekend with a celebration of diversity and unity, exploring what makes various people, animals, and places both similar and distinctive. See how well you do on the quiz below. (Practice question: What do these topics all have in common? They’re all featured in Lerner Publications books published in Spring 2015!)

1. __________ is an endangered species.
A) The Siberian tiger
B) Justin Timberlake
C) The vampire bat

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2. Aerospace engineer Aprille Ericsson and entrepreneur Elon Musk share a love of
A) Mississippi
B) Andrew McCutchen
C) earth and space science

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3. Budgeting, spending, and saving can allow you to
A) go from goat to cheese
B) make key discoveries in physical science.
C) find out what’s so great about Utah.
D) start your own business like GoPro inventor Nick Woodman.
E) self-pollinate.
F) All of the above.
G) All of the above except E.

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Have a great holiday weekend, America! And then buy some books!

1. A; 2. C; 3. G