Pet Lovers’ Perfect Pick

9781467736329fc_Medium Calling all pet lovers! Have I got the perfect pick for you. It’s called How I Care for My Pet (cover pictured, left), and it’s just right for all those K–2 students who can’t get enough of animals.

This book follows a boy through a day of caring for his adorable, doe-eyed goldendoodle. We come along as the boy feeds the dog, takes him for a walk, cleans up after him, plays with him, and grooms him. All the while, readers pick up valuable reading skills, a lesson on responsibility, and a familiarity with sequencing words such as first, next, then, and finally.

My favorite thing about the book (besides the too-cute photos, that is) is a feature at the end that asks readers to pretend they are responsible for caring for a pet. It asks them to write a story about the steps they’d take to look after the animal, using a list of sequencing words that appears to the right of the story prompt. Other back-matter elements include Fun Facts, a glossary, and an index.

For more books that combine reading skills, sequencing words, and non-didactic info on how to be responsible, check out the companion tiles to How I Care for My Pet—all pictured below. Happy reading!

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