Lightning Bolt Books and planning for the future

I’ve been working on a lot of series planning lately. That means I’m mostly focusing on 2016, even though publicly, we’re just about to launch our F15 season.

One of the tricky projects I’ve been considering is what kinds of books to add to our long-running Lightning Bolt Books brand. Lightning Bolt can cover social studies, science, technology, health, and occasionally other topics as well. So we have a lot of conversations that go something like this:
Person A: Have we ever done aircraft books in Lightning Bolt? 
Person B: Yes. See the How Flight Works set. 
9780761389668fc_Medium.jpg 9781467707862fc_Medium.jpg 9780761389682fc_Medium.jpg
Person A: Oh, right. Those were cool. Okay, how about endangered animals?
Person B: We already have those. That series is called Animals in Danger.
9781467713313fc_Medium.jpg 9781467723732fc_Medium.jpg 9781467713306fc_Medium.jpg
Person A: Oh, yeah! Those had some really interesting and hard-to-find pictures. What do you think of a money/economics set?
Person B: Got it. That one includes a title that I say to myself at least once a week!
9780761339144fc_Medium.jpg 9780761339151fc_Medium.jpg
Person A: Dinosaurs? Robots? Weather?
Person B: Got it, got it, and got it.
9781467713566fc_Medium.jpg 9781467740548fc_Medium.jpg 9780761342571fc_Medium.jpg
Person A: I give up. There must be something we haven’t covered! Plus, this is your job, not mine!
Person B: Very true. And there will be topics we haven’t covered. We have brand new Lightning Bolt sets coming out in August (Digital citizenship! Adorable baby animals!), as well as some awesome new concepts in the works for S16 and F16. But drop me a line if there’s anything you’d love to see in Lightning Bolt, or in any of our series, for that matter!
9781467780780fc_Medium.jpg 9781467780773fc_Medium.jpg 9781467781152fc_Medium.jpg 9781467779739fc_Medium.jpg