Admiring Amazing Athletes On and Off the Field

In just a few weeks (on what we hope will be a sunny day), all of us at Lerner will walk to Target Field for our annual Twins game outing. If you’re not a baseball enthusiast just know that our home-team is faring better than most predicted at the start of the season.

However, even if you’re not the hugest fan of the Major Leagues, there’s something about being in an outdoor stadium on a summer day, hotdog in hand, that makes it easy to appreciate the athleticism on the field. 
Over the past decade, Lerner Publishing Group has inspired sports fans with the success stories of professionals like the Twins in the Amazing Athletes series. Spanning from golf to football to hockey, these biographies include a description of a famous athlete’s career from the beginning through his or her current achievements. Plus, we have fun “extras” and free resources to help aspiring athletes dive deeper into the topic.
To download free resources for the books in this series, visit a book’s product page on our website. If you haven’t registered with us, please do so in the upper- right corner of the page. On future visits, you’ll need to sign in to download files. Then look in the right-hand column of the page for the eSource logo. Just under the Font Lens, you’ll see the downloadable eSource files. Click on an individual file or on “download all.”
And hey, if you need a place to start, the book on Joe Maueris a definite home-run . . . though we might be biased.