Summertime = Party Time!

15944 Summer is a time for fun. It’s a time for friends. It’s a time for creativity and play. What combines all four of these things and delivers them in one big, beautiful, brightly gift-wrapped package? Birthday parties!

Our Plan a Birthday Party book (cover pictured) is chock-full of fun ideas for young party planners. Here are just a few of the tidbits that they’ll find to help them kick off their special event.

Venue ideas. Parks, community centers, the local YMCA, roller skating rinks, and bowling alleys all make fab spots for superfun birthday parties.

Menu tips. Mini pizza bagels, rice crackers and cheese (for gluten-free guests), pigs in a blanket, and veggies and hummus are some delicious party snacks.

An “alternative desserts” list. You can’t go wrong with birthday cake, but for those who want something a little bit outside the (cake) box, ice-cream sundaes, frosted rice cereal treats, decorate-your-own-sugar cookies, or fruit dipped in chocolate can make for memorable options.

Decoration and theme ideas. Hang old records, CDs, and posters of singers on the walls for a music theme. Blow up beach balls and inflatable palm trees, lay out beach chairs and towels, and put seashells and sea glass in bowls for a beach or pool theme. Get your place all decked out in your favorite team’s banners for a sports theme—and if you’re feeling really generous, you can hang your buddy’s favorite team banners on the wall too (yes, even though they’re your team’s biggest rival).

Playlist ideas: “Cha Cha Slide” by Casper, “I Like to Move It” from the Madagascar sound track, “Fireball” by Willow Smith, and “Hit the Lights” by Selena Gomez will help get your party hopping.

Plan a Birthday Party also includes info on avoiding social drama, invitation etiquette, advice about how much of your event to post (or not post) on social media, and more. For kids looking for a high-interest read and a little summertime fun, it’s the perfect pick!