Math Everywhere!

I’m pretty excited to tell you about new books in one of my favorite Lerner Publications series. In Fall 2015 we’re releasing four more Math Everywhere! titles. These books walk through real-life situations in which kids encounter math. Each scenario provides all the information a reader would need to solve the problem the character in the book is solving, and an answer key in the backmatter provides both answers and steps showing how to find those answers.

Planting tomatoes in your garden? Let’s calculate how many plants will fit in the allotted space. Planning an outdoor birthday party? We should figure out the chances of good or bad weather on your birthday. Other new titles explore the math involved in exercising and in earning and spending money…all essential topics in the average third- or fourth-grader’s life. The books this season include an emphasis on charts and diagrams, as well as many other concepts addressed in the Common Core math standards.

Readers will soon realize that math truly is everywhere!

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