Dancing Dreams

What did you want to be when you were little? I wanted to be a dancer. I took ballet lessons in my early years, and, when I wasn’t in class, I spent many hours twirling around the family room of my childhood home in a leotard, tutu, and pink ballet shoes. Of course, I became an editor, not a ballerina—but I did continue to dabble in dance, taking both ballet and modern dance in college.

13070 Now, with my dancing days behind me, it was a pleasure to edit Dance Is Fun! (cover pictured). This delightful title for K–2 readers took me right back to the days when dancing filled my dreams. It covers everything from ballet to jazz and tap, and the photographs are fabulous. They show both boys and girls, from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, demonstrating correct ballet positions, doing typical introductory tap-dance steps, and performing jazz dance in theater performances. There’s also a helpful diagram of a dance studio, fun facts that stress the health benefits of dance, and a glossary defining terms such as barre and shuffle.

I adore this little book, and I hope young readers love it too. Who knows—perhaps it will inspire the next prima ballerina, talented tap dancer, or aspiring hip-hop star!