Fashion from the Heart

I love expressing myself through clothing and accessories. To me, that’s what’s most fun about fashion—that is, that it gives you the opportunity to shape your outward appearance to reflect your tastes, personality, and favorite things (e.g., colors, cuts, and textures). That’s exactly why I love our What’s Your Style? series (covers pictured below). Each book opens with a quiz that asks you about things like preferred accessories, activities, and fashion idols. It then tells you whether boho fashion, edgy fashion, hipster fashion, preppy fashion, or streetwear fashion is most up your alley. (For the record, I am preppy, with a little bit of boho mixed in.)

I couldn’t be more pleased to report that YALSA loves our What’s Your Style? series too! Last month it named all five titles in the collection to its Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list.

Whether kids are reluctant readers or the type who can never get their hands on enough books, I sincerely hope they love our What’s Your Style? titles. It’s always a special treat for me to work on a series I know I would have gobbled up as a kid, and What’s Your Style? is just such a series. So to all those young fashion fans out there: I hope you enjoy this truly heartfelt offering of books from me to you!

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