Free Teaching Materials: How Do We Use Money?

At eight years old, I fancied myself an entrepreneur. I sold tickets to the family circus, drew up plans for an at-home jewelry business and peddled my artwork in my driveway. I fashioned rakes out of sticks I found in the yard and started a lively friendship bracelet business, hawking my embroidery floss creations on my neighborhood streets. I was desperate to strike it rich – to stash away a whole $20 in my savings account.

Like so many elementary school students, I was fascinated with money. 
In Lerner’s new Searchlight series, How Do We Use Money?, kids can delve into the world of spending, saving, and making money. This four-book series introduces readers to planning wisely, making smart investments and looking for opportunities to earn income. 

To complement this set, we’ve created a completely free, standards-aligned teaching guide. Check out the book series here, then explore the free materials here!
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