cocoa bean If you’re anything like me, your Valentine’s Day—nay, Valentine’s week!—just wouldn’t be complete without chocolate. As a true chocolate lover, I have to say one of my favorite books on Lerner’s list is, naturally, From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate (cover pictured). This book tells you all about how that heart-shaped box of almond nougats and espresso truffles makes its way into your hands.

From the farm where a worker plants cocoa trees to the factory where cocoa beans are cleaned and roasted, From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate walks readers step-by-step through the whole process of making chocolate treats. Scrumptious-looking photos show vats of cocoa butter being mixed and gooey chocolate dripping into molds. The final page shows the very best part—a kiddo after my own heart biting into a chocolate muffin!

Kids who like shows such as the Science Channel’s How It’s Made are going to love this book. And thanks to its dual-level text, it appeals to readers of all abilities, from emergent readers who can read just the opening line of each spread to more advanced learners who can read the paragraph below that line for more explanation on the process.

If you’re a chocolate lover, this book is a must-have. So treat yourself to a crunchy pecan cluster or a melty mint patty (or, hey, why not both?) and give From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate a read. Happy Valentine’s Day!