Americans through Infographics (aka, Are You Normal?)

Do you have a pet?

Watch TV during dinner?

Spend at least nine hours working and commuting to work every day?

If so, you’re in good company.

More than half of Americans own pets (with dogs being far and away the most popular); sixty-seven percent of us usually watch TV during dinner; and, on average, we spend nine hours, twelve minutes, and thirty-six seconds working and getting to and from work every day.

15851 This is according to US Culture through Infographics (cover pictured)—one of my favorite Lerner titles of 2014. Not only is this book packed with educational graphs, charts, and other infographics, but it serves as a lens into the lives of typical Americans. And who isn’t a little curious about how they measure up compared to their fellow citizens?

I’m not the only one who appreciates this book. School Library Journal calls the Super Social Studies Infographics series “an attractive introduction to social studies in infographics form.” They note that “the colorful charts, maps, and illustrations that fill the pages of this series are sure to appeal to young readers who live in a high-tech, digital world.”

Plus, readers can find out the average amount of daily TV time for US kids between the ages of eight and eighteen (three), the percentage of Americans who use their smartphones to watch videos (forty-one), and the most popular team sport to play among kids ages eight to seventeen (basketball).

For more fascinating stats like these, check out the book—and find out whether you’re a “normal” American!