Light and Sound: FREE Teaching Guide

Have you ever made a shadow puppet or played with a prism? Or perhaps you’ve made a rubber band guitar or a telephone out of cans and string? One of the joys of childhood is discovering that how to play with sound and light.
Lerner’s new First Step Nonfiction Series – Light and Sound guides children in their exploration of the visual and audio world. With bright photos and simple, but engaging text, these six books are perfect for early readers in grades K-2.

To help you use these books in your classroom, we’ve created a free downloadable teaching guide with lessons aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. In these lessons, students will explore shadows and vibrations while also learning literacy skills such as creating and using a glossary. Click here to view the product page for the series’ first title, Light Helps Me See, and to download the teaching guide. 

Check back in two weeks for more free downloadable teaching tools!