Free teaching resources for Our Great States

Do you know what’s great about Colorado? How about Alabama? Lerner’s new Our Great States series will show you the top ten kid-friendly things to do in each of our great United States. The backmatter includes key information for report-writing, such as each state’s motto, bird, population, biggest cities, and more.

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To help you use these books with your students, we’ve put together some FREE classroom assignments and projects that you can download from our website. The research project walks your students through the process of asking questions, using books and digital reference materials to find answers to their questions, and sharing what they learned with one another. The Sidebars Lesson Plan will teach students how to use the curriculum-focused sidebars in the books. And the Flag Assignment provides information about the state flag, then asks students to refer to details and examples in the text to answer questions about that information.

These assignments address Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, and they’ll help your students learn more about each of our great states. Check back in two weeks for more FREE eSource materials!