Tracking wild animals and FREE teaching materials

I hope you’re enjoying your summer! Perhaps you’ve been camping or hiking, in which case you might be coming across animal tracks of various kinds. Does your family or do your students ever wonder what kinds of animals made which tracks? What kind of question is that? you might be asking. Of course they do! Everyone wonders about animal tracks!

Well, Millbrook has just set free a beautiful new picture book all about identifying animal tracks. Written and illustrated by Mia Posada, Who Was Here? Discovering Wild Animal Tracks invites readers to solve the mystery of each set of tracks by considering the given clues.


To help you use this book in your classroom, we’ve created some free downloadable¬†Common Core-focused teaching materials for you. The CCSS Reading/Analysis Assignment guides students through the process of noting clues and guessing what animal the clues refer to. The CCSS Writing Activity invites students to write a rhyming poem about an animal.

Check back in two weeks for more free downloadable teaching tools!