Free Book Friday!

Congratulations to Randall Bonser (@rbwritenow)! You’ve won Knockout GamesPlease send us a DM on Twitter or an email to with the subject line “Free Book Friday” and tell us your mailing addresses so we can get your book in the mail.

This week, enter to win Rebecca L. Johnson’s When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defenses, an up-close look at the crazy defense mechanisms of animals who really don’t want to be eaten.

The octopus spies a nice, tasty mantis shrimp. It swims over for a closer look at the small creature. Then—WHAM!—the mantis shrimp strikes a nasty blow with its hammer-like forelimb. The octopus shrinks back, defeated. That wasn’t such an easy meal after all . . . 

In nature, good defenses can mean the difference between surviving a predator’s attack and becoming its lunch. Some animals rely on sharp teeth and claws or camouflage. But that’s only the beginning. Meet creatures with some of the strangest defenses known to science. How strange? Hagfish that can instantaneously produce oodles of gooey, slippery slime; frogs that poke their own toe bones through their skin to create claws; young birds that shoot streams of stinking poop; and more.

If you’d like to win When Lunch Fights Back, please leave a comment on this post (including your name), or tweet this line: Free Book Friday! RT to win WHEN LUNCH FIGHTS BACK from @LernerBooks.

We’ll announce the winner on Friday, August 8, so check the blog then to see if you’ve won!

Good luck!

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  1. Jennifer

    Cool! Lunch fights back is on my list of cool books I would like to show the kids at my next school visit – Zombie Makers was a huge hit!

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