Fall’s (mostly) away, Spring covers will play

We’re in the midst of launching the Fall ‘14 season here on the Lerner Publishing Group blog. What that means behind the scenes is that the Content Team (Art, Editorial, Photo Research, and Premedia) is done putting the Fall books together, and for the past couple of months have been hard at work on the upcoming Spring ‘15 season.

In fact we in the Art Department are about 2/3 done with cover designs, so I took a moment to overview what our designers have accomplished so far—it’s shaping up to be a very attractive cover season!

Then, like any organizing creative type, I started making a chart (charts are cool) of some distinct categories cover imagery is fitting in so far. Here’s the sneak peek:

(You may notice this is organized purely by my whim. Categories could have absolutely nothing to do with the book’s content. Or maybe they do… Stay tuned for when we start unveiling the full Spring ’15 covers to find out!)