For the Love of High Interest

You guys, the librarian in the elementary school I went to was wonderful. I was remembering this just the other day as I was pondering why I feel drawn to high-interest subject matter in books. See, he used to say that if you didn’t like a book, you should put it down immediately. He firmly believed that nothing would kill a kid’s love of reading faster than reading a book he or she didn’t like.

I couldn’t agree more. And I’ve remembered his advice all my life (as you can see, since here I am blogging about it so many years later). That’s why I’m so proud of the high-interest titles on LPG’s list. These are books that are likely to find fans even among young people who don’t necessarily think of themselves as readers. Here are just a handful of books that might appeal to these kids. And also to kids who already love to read. After all, this is just the sort of reading material that I myself would have loved back then—and I distinctly recall my family encouraging me to actually put down my books for a change and go outside and play!
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