April Showers and Books about Water

Our last snowstorm was just a couple weeks ago, so I’m trying to think good thoughts about the rain that has been falling for the last day and a half. Fortunately, Millbrook just came out with two new books that are perfect rainy-day reads.


The first is Water Can Be . . ., a new picture book from Laura Purdie Salas and Violeta Dabija. This follow-up to A Leaf Can Be . . . has already received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. Here’s an excerpt from the Kirkus review, “In a look at the forms, functions and uses of water, Salas and Dabija turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. . . . The simple text and spot-on rhymes belie the sophistication of the inherent message behind the verse—water is a life-giver. It creates the weather, quenches thirst, is a habitat for animals, helps the plants and trees grow, both cools and insulates, fights fires, soothes injuries and beautifies the Earth in myriad ways.”

Check out links to book trailers and more at Laura’s website.


The second book is Plastic, Ahoy! Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Patricia Newman with photographs by Annie Crawley. A reviewer in Booklist said, “This photojournalistic book follows three young female scientists living and working aboard a small research ship that was part of the Scripps Environmental Accumulation of Plastics Expedition. It details the researchers’ process of developing a hypothesis, collecting evidence, and designing experiments to learn more about the impact of the Garbage Patch on marine life. The book is replete with Crawley’s dynamic photos of both their scientific findings and the challenges of life aboard a tiny research boat. Newman successfully summarizes all of their complex research findings into straightforward and doable tips for minimizing environmental impact. An engaging and worthwhile read, this will surely make young readers think twice about their trash.”

The book trailer includes video footage Annie Crawley shot while on the expedition featured in the book.

Here’s hoping these April showers turn up some beautiful May flowers. And in the meantime, happy reading!

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  1. laurasalas

    I can't wait to read Plastic Ahoy–I got a digital version for review, but I just don't read pbs (or any books) on my computer. I'm going to have to check out a paper copy–it sounds fascinating! :>)

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