FREE fashion DIY: Duct tape handbags

What’s your fashion style? Boho, streetwear, or edgy? Hipster or preppy? Maybe a combination of two or three of these? Lerner’s new series What’s Your Style? is perfect for young readers trying to put together their own fashion styles.

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The books include information on celebrities who epitomize each style, as well as tips on creating each style yourself. In the spirit of DIY fashion, we’ve created a fun, FREE resource on how to make your own duct tape handbags. Share it with your students, and maybe they’ll have ideas on how to make other accessories from everyday materials.

Each season, our editorial staff puts our heads together to come up with great extras to help you get more out of our new series and titles. To download free resources for a book or series, find it on our website. Then look in the right-hand column of the page for the eSource logo. Just under the Font Lens, you’ll see the downloadable eSource files. Click on an individual file or on “download all.”

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