Presidents’ Day 2014

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Presidents’ Day, aka Washington’s Birthday, is a federal holiday observed on the third Monday of February to honor the first president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is in February too, so the holiday, although officially limited to celebrating Washington’s birth, is in the popular mind a nod of recognition to both men. To learn more about the holiday, check out our Lerner imprint Presidents’ Day title in the First Step Nonfiction-American Holidays series. We have a wide range of titles on Things Presidential across all reading levels, including current biographies of President Barack Obama and other American presidents, a look at presidential races across our nation’s history in TFCB’s Presidential Races: Campaigning for the White House single title, and an introduction to the executive branch in Lerner’s Searchlight Books—How Does Government Work? series—among many other related titles. Check out our website to learn more!