New Lerner Interactive Books™!

Here are the brand-spankin-new Lerner Digital Interactive Books for Spring 2014!

Amazing Athletes  Inspire sports fans with the success stories of Amazing Athletes. These attractive high-interest biographies include a description of a famous athlete’s career from the beginning through his or her current achievements. Just right for reluctant readers. Titles included in this series:

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Abby Wambach
  • Andrew Luck
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • David Beckham (Revised Edition)
  • Gabby Douglas
  • Mariano Rivera

Cloverleaf Books ™ — Money Basics Money is important—we need it to live! So how should we handle our money? These simple, engaging stories present basic financial literacy concepts for young readers, such as saving, spending, borrowing, and comparison shopping, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of money smarts.Titles included in this series:

  • Brody Borrows Money 
  • Ella Earns Her Own Money
  • Gabriel Gets a Great Deal
  • Kyle Keeps Track of Cash
  • Lily Learns about Wants and Needs
  • Shanti Saves Her Money

First Step Nonfiction – Graph It! Informative photographs and simple sentences introduce students to graphs. Students will love learning about graphs while improving their reading skills. This series meets the Common Core State Standards for both mathematics and language arts. Titles included in this series:

  • Let’s Make a Bar Graph 
  • Let’s Make a Circle Graph
  • Let’s Make a Picture Graph
  • Let’s Make a Tally Chart

Lightning Bolt Books ™ — Dinosaur Look-Alikes Following the formula of the popular Lightning Bolt Books™—Animal Look-Alikes series, this new set of Dinosaur Look-Alikes places two similar prehistoric giants side-by-side and explores the similarities and differences between them. Curious young readers will be inspired as they become true “experts” on the topic, while the informative text reflects curricular topic coverage of the different dinosaurs featured in each title. Titles included in this series:

  • Can You Tell a Brachiosaurus from an Apatosaurus?
  • Can You Tell a Giganotosaurus from a Spinosaurus?
  • Can You Tell a Stegosaurus from an Ankylosaurus?
  • Can You Tell a Triceratops from a Protoceratops?
  • Can You Tell a Tyrannosaurus from an Allosaurus?
  • Can You Tell a Velociraptor from a Deinonychus?

My Reading Neighborhood: First-Grade Sight Word Stories These early readers combine the Dolch sight words appropriate for first grade along with inviting storylines to engage young readers and help build their reading confidence. Titles included in this series:

  • A Party with Joe
  • Ana and the Pet Show
  • Ana and the Rainy Day
  • Holidays with Joe
  • Nia Bakes Cookies
  • School for Ken

My Reading Neighborhood: Kindergarten Sight Word Stories These early readers combine Sight Words and inviting storylines to engage young readers and help build their reading confidence. Titles included in this series:

  • A Picnic with Kit
  • Ben Gives a Gift
  • Fall Fun for Kit
  • Nan Swims
  • Sam Is Six
  • Sam Sees Snow

Searchlight Books ™ — What Can We Learn from Early Civilizations? Introduce students to six major ancient civilizations in Searchlight Books™ — What Can We Learn from Early Civilizations?. Readers will discover where the civilizations were located, what daily life was like for people of these groups, what cultural activities they engaged in, and what became of the civilizations. Titles included in this series:

  • Tools and Treasures of Ancient China 
  • Tools and Treasures of Ancient Egypt
  • Tools and Treasures of Ancient Greece
  • Tools and Treasures of Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Tools and Treasures of Ancient Rome
  • Tools and Treasures of the Ancient Maya

Show Your Character Using a question-and-answer format and real-world scenarios, Show Your Character takes a concrete approach to explaining such things as how to deal with bullying, how to show others you care, and how to react responsibly to a variety of different social situations. Readers will have fun learning about good character and will emerge with useful “takeaway points” they can apply to their own lives. Titles included in this series:

  • Am I a Good Friend?: A Book about Trustworthiness 
  • Can People Count on Me?: A Book about Responsibility
  • Does My Voice Count?: A Book about Citizenship
  • How Can I Deal with Bullying?: A Book about Respect
  • How Can I Help?: A Book about Caring
  • When Is It My Turn?: A Book about Fairness

Since 1959, Lerner Publishing Group has published exceptional, award-winning nonfiction and fiction books for grades K-12. We publish to make reading educational and rewarding for kids, whether through more inspired books or engaging, interactive reading such as the Lerner Interactive Book™. Lerner Interactive Books give readers at all levels a new way to build confidence, skills, and make reading and learning fun—not frustrating.