All Work and No Play!

I laughingly remember that when asked where I wanted to be, I once told my former boss that I wanted to learn it ALL! At that time, I was a new member of the art dept. Eventually came one or two new MAC computers. Where there used to be an art dept., an editorial dept., and a few production specialists, there are now content teams! They consist of editorial directors, text editors, production editors, designers, premedia operators, an IT dept., the production dept., and marketing dept., which includes all of the above, plus e-Book content and iBook content teams! Also our new and expanding Brain Hive Team! WOW, things are a movin’ and a shakin’. I was allowed the joy and privilege of seeing this company grow through some of the most exciting challenges and changes in its time. So that being said, where do I want to be? Right where I am. A designer and member of the content team in the fabulous art and design department!

In 2013, Lerner Publishing Group received 23 starred reviews amongst many honorable mentions, including a Coretta Scott King Honor for No Crystal Stair and a Batchelder Honor for A Game of Swallows. We have worked with some of the most talented writers and illustrators in the area and abroad.

Our on fire, editorial directors are delicately and sometimes boldly choosing content for all age levels and walks of Lerner’s wide array of branding.

Zealous production editors are bulldozing forward in both world’s of editing and structuring for eContent, iContent, and more.

Rock star designers (as Zach, the Creative Director fondly calls them) are top of the line. Our senior designers have continued to wow me with their endless visions and no fear approaches.

Highly seasoned professional pre-media specialists. While sometimes frustrated, always come through with outstanding results of design’s expectations for the finished product.

Top of their mark marketing strategists/specialists. Don’t budge easily!

Savvy, smart and dedicated production specialists. When it comes to printer/paper costs, they are the boss.Worthy to mention here pdf and save a tree?

An outstanding IT dept. that keeps the entire network rolling. A quick email to the Helpdesk resolves any technical issues any one of us may be experiencing. Back up and running in no time!

Best Bindery—Outstanding. Muscle Bound says it all! Librarians love it! By the way, that is amongst several bindery options that Muscle Bound Bindery provides.

Dedicated distribution personnel—Without them our product wouldn’t hit the shelves! Timing is everything.

OK. OK. That being said, I’d like to mention that all work and no play can lead to tremendous burn out. Here are a few ways that Lerner employees relieve day to day stress.

Once a year around the holidays we partake in a progressive lunch. With four floors and an amazing auditorium, it makes for an interesting tour. Employees volunteer to bring in their favorite recipes. First floor is the usual starting point with an array of colorful appetizers. Second floor scrumptious soups and salads, and the third floor is the company provided main dish, which is always a hit and the main flocking area. Employees gather to express holiday wishes, celebrate, and laugh a lot! Once everyone has had their fill of these festive dishes, we all gather in the auditorium for the long awaited yearly speech from who other than CEO Adam Lerner himself. As a unit we all gather to anxiously hear how the company has done over the past year. Thankfully, we have been receiving good reports and great visions for the future of the company. Did I mention this is also where the desserts reside? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this much color and sugar on one table. It’s tough to pick and choose wisely. Thanks to all who participate and to the company for continuing this great holiday tradition! Sorry I don’t have pics for this yummy affair, but believe me it was!

Last summer Lerner also provided an outdoor activity to all who wanted to participate. What better than the all American game of baseball! The new stadium is gorgeous and the days weather was also something to behold. Sorry to say that our beloved Twins did not do all that well last year, but the camaraderie was great outdoor fun! The proof is in the pics.

Last but not least, some brave souls decided it would be miraculous to add something to their bucket list. Nich, one of Lerner’s newest members of the production team also happens to be a sky diving instructor. Wish I would have been brave enough to take this leap of faith myself, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. See for yourself some of our bravest adrenaline junkies! Nich the instructor, Sue from our pre-media dept. who graciously jumped with my husband Rob, and who else but the ever so surprisingly front desk wonder, Cheryl and her grandson Alex. Let’s give them all a chute for their love of life’s thrills.

Lerner Publishing Group continues to move on and is shining in this competitive market!
Way to go teams!

And dear Harry Lerner, without your dreams and visions, none of this would have been possible!