Maybe Next Year, Vikings

My office next-door neighbor and our resident “sports guy” is back with another great post just in time for the Super Bowl. Here’s Jon Fishman!   

I love writing and editing sports books, and I follow sports as a pastime. If there isn’t a team from Minnesota involved in a game, I usually root for the underdog. Watching the 2013–2014 NFL playoffs, though, I found myself rooting for teams for other reasons.

Lerner Publications has active titles in the Amazing Athletes series about five players who took part in the 2013–2014 NFL playoffs: Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. (We also have a book titled Clay Matthews. He missed the playoffs due to injury.) The 2014 Super Bowl is less than a week away, and only Peyton Manning’s team is still alive from that group. I’ve been to Seattle and it’s a wonderful city, and Seahawks fans are probably the best (certainly the loudest) in football. But I’m rooting for Peyton and the Denver Broncos to win this one.
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