Find and download FREE teaching tools to use with our books!

We here at Lerner are just putting the final touches on our spring 2014 FREE downloadable teaching tools. We began uploading files yesterday and hope to have everything available on our website in the next few days. Keep up with what’s new (and everything else!) by visiting our eSource page. Here you can search by interest level, reading level, and subject. And if you look below the search parameters, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest, greatest free stuff.

Check back in two weeks to hear more specifics on our new free downloadable teaching tools!

Each season, our editorial staff puts our heads together to come up with great extras to help you get more out of our new series and titles. To download free resources for a book or series, find a book or series on our website. If you haven’t registered with us, please do so at the upper right corner of the page. On future visits, you’ll need to sign in to download files. Then look in the right-hand column of the page for the eSource logo. Just under the Font Lens, you’ll see the downloadable eSource files. Click on an individual file or on “download all.”