Exploring careers from your classroom

You know who has an awesome job? Renan Ozturk. He’s an expeditionary artist. That means he travels with people on expeditions to fascinating locales, and then he documents the trip through art. I learned about him by reading Millbrook’s new title Secrets of the Sky Caves and editing the FREE teaching tools that support this book.


As you read this fascinating book, you’ll meet Ozturk, who painted the caves of Mustang, Nepal, on the climbing expedition documented in this story.

Author Sandra K. Athans, who also happens to be a fourth-grade teacher and literacy specialist, put together two great classroom assignments for this book. CCSS Research Project: Cool and Critical Jobs invites students to learn more about some of the jobs that went into exploring the Mustang caves, such as the expeditionary artist. The other piece is In Their Own Words: CCSS Close Reading and Analysis Assignment, in which students perform a close reading and analysis on the words of experience and advice offered by members of the Mustang team.

Both assignments address Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Check them out, and check back in two weeks for more FREE downloadable teaching tools.

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