Another VERY cold day in Minnesota

Photo Editor Giliane Mansfeldt returns to report on a couple of tactics that can help us make it through a particularly rough Minnesota winter:

Here in Minnesota, we woke up to air temperatures hovering right around -14 and a wind-chill close to -40 in some areas of the state. Yikes! You may ask, what is there to do when it is so cold outside? Well, besides the occasionally daydreaming of sand between my toes and ocean waves crashing in the background, I will heat up some hot cocoa and grab a really good book to curl up with.

When I am not at home with my hot cocoa and a book, I am here at Lerner with my hot cocoa, working on providing photography for many of our fun and exciting titles. With having the privilege of working on many titles over the years, I have a favorite go-to collection of titles that allow me to pretend I am somewhere warm when our temperatures are so cold. One of my favorites from the collection seems to sum it up quite nicely:
“The days are hot and sunny. Flowers are in bloom. Ducks swim with their babies behind them. People play baseball and go swimming. Do you know what season is here? It’s summer! What else happens in summer? Read this book to find out!”

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