What a Spine!

At my house, books are a major part of my 3-year-old son’s bedtime routine. He often tells me what book he wants, and I’ll grab it from the bookshelf. For the most part, he can recognize a book by its cover but not by its spine. There’s one notable exception to this rule, though. Millbrook’s own Cloverleaf Books!
Cloverleaf spines
The above photo shows my bookshelf at work—we don’t have quite this many at home! But I do keep the Cloverleaf books all together, and my son will pull them out and look for whatever one he has in mind.

His favorites include Let’s Meet a Construction Worker and Let’s Meet a Dentist from the Community Helpers set. (The kid is fascinated with dentists. I can’t explain it.)

Lately we’ve also been reading Animals in Fall and Daniela’s Day of the Dead.

I don’t know if designer Laura Rinne realized her book spine design would be something even a 3-year-old could recognize, but I’d like to thank her for creating a design that helps my little guy find the book he wants on the bookshelf!