Free Book Friday!

Congratulations, Amy Librarian (@librarianamyj)! You are the winner of Hey, Charleston! The True Story of the Jenkins Orphanage Band. Please send us a DM on Twitter or an email to with the subject line “Free Book Friday” and tell us your mailing addresses so we can get your book in the mail.

This week we’re going back to prehistoric times and giving away #1 Welcome to the Tribe from our new Tib & Tumtum series from Graphic Universe.

The kids in Tib’s tribe are so mean! They always make fun of Tib’s birthmark. But one day Tib meets a new friend in the forest. This friend doesn’t mind the birthmark. In fact, he has one too! He also has razor sharp teeth! 

Of course, no one believes Tib when he says he’s found a real, live dinosaur. Dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago! How can Tib convince his tribe that his “imaginary friend” isn’t so imaginary after all?

If you’d like to win  #1 Welcome to the Tribe, please leave a comment on this post (including your name), or Tweet this line: Free Book Friday! RT to win #1 WELCOME TO THE TRIBE from @LernerBooks. #graphicnovels #comics”

We’re taking a break from Free Book Friday next week as we celebrate Thanksgiving so we’ll announce the winner on Friday, December 6. That means you have two weeks to enter to win! Make sure to come back to the Lerner blog to see if you’ve won!

Good luck!