No Bones about It: Free Teaching Resources

Even the best books have limits–namely, page limits. For Lerner books, at least, page counts go by eights, so if you have enough material for, say, 27 pages, you’ll have to cut it down to 24 pages’ worth. This is sad, but we do not despair, because…(drum roll)…we have eSource! Extra material that didn’t quite make it into a book often finds a home among the free teaching materials on our website. 

Case in point: Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons (Millbrook Press), Sara Levine’s delightful and educational picture book about the similarities (and differences) among vertebrates, is only 32 pages long. Sara’s dream was to make this book a teaching tool for K-4 educators, and 32 pages didn’t give her enough space to offer all the resources she hoped to include. That’s where eSource comes in.

This is a great book–
but it can’t cover evvvvverything.

Check out Color the Bones, which lets kids color-code five drawn-to-scale diagrams of various vertebrates (showing all important bones labeled with their scientific names), and Know Your Bones, a quiz to help kids remember the most distinct features of animal skeletons. Learning doesn’t have to stop when you reach the last page of the book!

Humans have bones.
So do dinosaurs.
So do all other vertebrates!
Help your students learn
more about those bones!

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